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Just pre-entrance

Angels don't get frustrated, at least that's what the stories say. Some stories. The distinction is important. And perhaps Michael has always been an exception to this rule, because right now she feels little else but frustration. Christian, that Devil, is up to his games again. And Lucifer is stirring, as well. If they're in league with each other, something truly terrible will be coming down the pike ere long. Perhaps that's why she's been allowed to return.

She stifles a growl as Christian meanders his way down the street, vanishing into shadow just the littlest bit before he's out of sight.

Make him, he says. If Michael were permitted to interfere that far, that much--

Doubtless a whole host of things would be different now. She slams her helmet down on her head, muttering a little as it shoves her bangs into her eyes. She can already tell Jason's about to head outside as well, and he'll expect to see Michael in a temper.

"I'll see you next week?"

She straddles her scooter, then looks at him, dark feathered hair just poking out from under her helmet. She should probably feel a little cold, but the thinsulate lining of her windbreaker will serve to explain why she isn't shivering.

"Of course, Jason. But I think you'll have to explain the Tarot again--maybe I'll grab a book from the library."

He laughs, saying something about good luck and maybe he'll bring some of his own books next time.

"That would be great, if it isn't too much trouble. Sorry to cut things short, but I really ought to get a move on. Thanks again!"

She offers a quick wave as she revs up the scooter and heads out. Someone's got to find Lily, warn her--but first Michael's got to drop the scooter off at her place. Otherwise the neighbors will get worried.