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Outpost 12: First trip home

Michael would be surprised that the Portal room functions for her, when of late so many of her fellow guests have been unable to access any destination at all, but she is an angel, and she can feel the increased urgency of her tasks pressing down on her -- God's hand on the reins, as it were. And so she indicates her destination and length of stay, then steps through the portal and is gone.


It's almost a strange thing to be in a world (and a city) packed full of people. Michael tilts her face skyward, letting the wind and rain -- not a product of any weather program save one, and that one Divine -- hit her face.

She doesn't get cold.

It's a momentary indulgence, for Michael has a great deal of businesss to accomplish in what might seem, to many, to be a short time. Fortunately angels are not limited to occupying merely one place and time.

Here -- she is keeping an eye on Christian's game with Lily, unseen and unheard, to all their sorrow.

Here -- she is watching Jane Andraste, a woman who can see no future save the salvaging of her own pride

Here -- she is speaking to her brothers, doling out commands and taking reports.

Here -- she is staring down the host of Faerie, disdain unfettered on both sides.

And here, oh here -- here she speaks with her brother, the one so full of mockery and lies. The one she misses beyond belief or hope of speech.

So it has ever been. But today there is something different about it. Something --

Today the Devil speaks of forgiveness, and bids Michael bear a message to their Father. And the world, thus far, fails to end.

God grant that be one thing that remains unchanged, when all else in life, as ever, is fickle as the moon -- is fickle as man.

The Devils have their hand in it, right enough, but Michael finds herself unable to see through their plans. It is this that carries her to the masked ball in Hell, this that fuels her conversation with Christian, and with the Devil, and with Lucifer.

It is this mistrust that has fueled her judicious use of human agents, like the policeman Ernie Peese.

It is this mistrust -- this 'cheating' (and she will never admit Lucifer had the right of that) -- that may save them all. For Matthew still lives, and the Cat Anna has tipped her hand.

The only regret Michael has is that Lucifer brings forth his challenge -- a duel against the Dragon Prince to prove the Prince of Lies' innocence in the eyes of Heaven -- just minutes before her five days are up.

Still. There will be other times.

And a duel will do just as well as a war, at need.

(Though she's still puzzled as to the nature of his game. It passeth all understanding.)