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The Archangel Michael is Prince of the Presence, the angel who fought against Lucifer when he fell, the angel who most wanders amongst humanity and who, save the Devils themselves, understands them best. (Discounting Dante's Devil and Milton's Satan. They are not very subtle).

She's also a 24-year old member of a coven, learning to read tarot cards, in awe of Gypsy's excellent cooking, and worried about Lily--a Goth girl and a friend. Michael has a tendency to forget to come in out of the rain.

Michael has not smiled once since Lucifer left God's presence. He was always stupidly and stubbornly prideful, she knows. All he's ever had to do is ask for forgiveness and it would be granted. God forgives but never admits to fault. Lucifer, to one degree or another, is much the same. Michael misses him, when she allows herself to remember what was.

Lucifer calls her 'brother'. Michael never objects.

She is a messenger, as is common for angels, as well as a defender and leader in times of war.

Michael is a slight, too-skinny young woman, mid-twenties if that, with short dark hair, brilliant green eyes, and an eclectic wardrobe. She likes T-shirts with loud slogans, jeans, and boots. Her wings, when they are visible (and they are rarely visible) are heron's wings, a brilliant green. Her sword is sharp and, when she walks, she moves like a very big, very angry man. She can only been seen when she allows others to see her, she will answer to the call of her name--no matter where she is--and she has a sword. She can also blow up light bulbs with the power of her mind. Such are the perks of being an angel. Most of the time she will be 'disguised' as Michael, a member of a small coven under Moira, who is a very flighty High Priestess.

Powers: Michael has a sword of green-white light that is made of primal entropy. It annihilates whatever it touches. She can make it appear at will. Michael can also call storms, break electric light bulbs, break non-electric light bulbs, knee the Christian Devil in the balls, be multiple places and times at once (though not when she is not at home), travel from one place to another almost instantaneously, listen to conversations that involve the use of her name, and use mortals as agents if they are pure/good enough and willing. These agents are people she works through. And no matter what Lucifer says, use of such help is not cheating.

Michael is the intellectual property of Elizabeth Bear, author of the Promethean Age books (Whiskey and Water is currently the only book Michael is in). This journal is being used for roleplay at [info]outpost_12 and [info]milliways_bar. No infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

Michael is encountering the asteroid just after the first coven meeting in canon--the one in which she knees Christian in the balls and tells him to leave Lily alone.

Michael enters Milliways for the first time just after receiving Lucifer's request from the swanmay Fionnghuala.

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angels, battle, cats, christian, faerie, god, lucifer, messages, pagan rituals, righteousness, siblings, swords, the devil, the promethean society, wicca

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