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It's a dark room, and cold, shrouded in iron and lead, covered over in symbols to repel every evil thing under the sun, and a few things that will never see the light of day. There's one door, bolted tight, and salt sealed into the very walls.

Nothing can get in.

Nothing can get out.

All that exists inside is Sam. Sam, and his blood, and his demons.

And one angel, too-skinny and wild-haired and so very, very somber.

So very, very silent.

Maybe she's a hallucination, too.
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He gives her a disbelieving look.

"Oh, would I? What am I supposed to do instead, hit her with a rock?"
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"... you?"

Sam's staring at her.

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"You're not the first," he tosses back. "Figured you got here the same way the others did."

"And you don't joke much anyway, so how should I know when you'd pick to try it?"
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His fingers tighten on the edges of the cheap mattress, making visible dents.

"Oh yeah? So just who the hell are you, Michael?"
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His hard smile is all teeth.

"An angel, huh? Think you've got the wrong Winchester."
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"Maybe you haven't talked with Uriel lately," Sam lashes back.

"You know, there was a time I'd have done anything --"

He bites that off right where it is, then continues,

"I believed in you guys. I trusted in you. Prayed every day, all of it."

"Guess it didn't matter, huh? I was screwed from the start."
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"Dead? No loss there besides the obvious. And you're damn right, it's not over."

Hard as iron and twice as stubborn, judging by his expression and the line of every muscle in his body.

"I'm not giving up."
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"Sure, I believe you."

It's easy enough to say, no matter what the truth might be.

"So how are you gonna destroy Lilith?"
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He starts to flash back at her, then stops.

Sam eyes Michael warily for almost a full minute.

"How'd that work out for you?"
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He says nothing again for several seconds, while he thinks his way through it.

"All right."

Another beat.

"So why aren't you talking to Dean?"
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"Because he's the one that's got the hotline to heaven," Sam snaps.

"Besides, I figure I already am."
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He jerks a little at the touch, but doesn't pull away.

"And if I change my ways, I have to let Lilith walk, is that it?"
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"Tried that already, remember?"

Sam glares at her.

"Didn't help Jess, or Dad, or Dean. They all died. Where the fuck were you then, huh? When I was fucking begging for help? Faith didn't do me a damn bit of good then, did it? Or how about after, when your side fucking turned away from me?"

"Forget it. At least I know what to expect when dealing with demons. Lilith's gonna die, and I'm gonna see to it, personally. Whatever it takes."
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The noise that escapes him through clenched teeth is one of agony, but it's impossible to say whether the cause is physical or mental.

Maybe it's both.

"And just let her go? Don't you get it? I can't!"
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"He wouldn't -- he won't!," Sam yells at her, and there's no question that Michael's hit a raw nerve.

His fists clench at his sides as he begins to struggle violently to free himself of both her grasp and her gaze.
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"What's different is that I'm gonna make sure it can't happen again, now let go of me!"

The struggle, such as it is, has been noticed -- or so the pounding footsteps headed their way from from upstairs would indicate.
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His gift, such as it is, affords him no power over angels that he's aware of -- and even if it did, he's in no shape to use it.

Given the alternative, that doesn't mean that he's not going to try.